Acknowledgements and references

Who sponsored, prepared and contributed to the guidance?

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This guidance was prepared by Fiona Fyfe Associates in association with Dominica Willamson (illustrator), with later contributions from the project steering group.

It was commissioned and funded by Devon County Council in partnership with the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and has been steered by a group of officers led by Melanie Croll CMLI (Devon County Landscape Officer) with:

  • Chris Woodruff (East Devon AONB Manager)
  • Tim Youngs (Blackdown Hills AONB Manager)
  • Heather Elgar, Eleanor Lewis and Rosie Walker (Woodland Trust officers)
  • Jon Burgess (Forestry Commission)
  • Sarah Jennings (Devon County Ecologist)

The draft vision for Devon’s landscape in 30 years’ time was presented to the Devon LNP Trees for Devon Working Group in May 2021 and subsequently amended following comments received. The steering group would also like to thank Martin Dainton, Emily Hutton and Kathy Wall of Devon County Council digital communications team for help and advice with structuring and transferring the guidance onto the website, and for instigating a user group workshop to understand how key groups are likely to interact with the guidance and what they will be looking for. Thanks also to user group participants who gave feedback to us, including Roland Stonex (Forestry Commission), Diana East (President, Sidmouth Arboretum), Robert Wiltshire (Otter Valley Association), Nick Cunningham and Nik Green (landowners).

Illustrations and photos

Green Illustrations are made of digital hand-drawings and digital mashups. Credit: Dominica Williamson bar illustration of the Alder, credit: Nanashiro.

Black and white sketches by Fiona Fyfe.

Unless stated, photos are © Fiona Fyfe Associates.


Statistics on woodland cover stated on the Devon’s landscapes today page are sourced from Woodland Statistics – Forest Research

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