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From peat bogs to sea caves and ancient oak woodlands to estuaries, Devon has an amazing diversity of landscapes and wildlife.

However, whilst our environment may look beautiful we are very much part of the global Ecological and Climate Emergencies. The loss and decline of Devon’s wildlife has accelerated rapidly over the last 50 years and many of our natural resources are damaged.  We all need to take urgent action to restore and enhance the environment which underpins our lives.

Devon Local Nature Partnership (LNP) is a strategic collaboration of a huge range of organisations, groups and individuals committed to working together to tackle Devon’s Ecological Emergency.

Our three goals are to:

  1. Deliver a Nature Recovery Network –  Protect and restore a network of wildlife rich habitats and natural systems across the county in towns, villages, rural areas and at sea
  2. Respond to the Climate Emergency – Use natural solutions to capture carbon and increase our resilience to climate change and flooding.
  3. Connect people and natureSupport communities and businesses to value and enhance the natural environment which underpins our health, wellbeing and economy.