Climate and Resilience

Devon Climate Emergency banner

The Local Nature Partnership recognises the urgency of taking action against climate change. Our vision is, by 2030, to be maximising the potential for sequestering carbon across our landscape and coastal waters, and minimising carbon emissions from land.

Devon LNP is part of the Devon Climate Emergency. This is a collaboration between local authorities and organisations who have declared a climate and ecological emergency.


Current work

  • The Climate Impacts Group was tasked with producing an impacts report for Devon by mid May 2020. This would highlight specific key issues for Devon on a range of themes including public health, community risk, the natural environment, agriculture etc.
  • The Devon Local Nature Partnership agreed to provide the headline environmental information for this report and commissioned the Westcountry Rivers Trust to develop this as an evidence review to better understand the projected impacts of climate change on Devon’s natural environment: Climate Change and Devon’s Natural Environment – Evidence Review.

Partner projects

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