UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) 2017 Landscape context factors and sources of Devon information

Landscape context factor (from UKFS) Importance for landscape (from UKFS) Source of Devon information
Landscape character An appreciation of landscape character helps determine the capacity to accommodate new forests and their design with respect to the key landscape characteristics of a particular area Devon Landscape Framework. Of particular relevance will be the Guidelines/ Recommendations for each Landscape Character Type and Devon Character Area.  The following section describes how landscape character can be applied to the UKFS design principles.
Landscape and visual sensitivities Within a valued landscape, new forests, woodlands, and trees can have a significant impact on its recognised qualities and on how people experience it.

Devon wide landscape character assessments, particularly ‘special qualities’ sections and references to popular viewpoints within the Landscape Character Type and Devon Character Area profiles. Skylines are particularly sensitive to new planting as they are prominent in views.

Further detailed information on landscape and visual sensitivity can be found in the GLVIA*

Historic context Forests, woodlands, and individual trees are key landscape components that can be integral to historic character, but new ones can also detract from historic character if sited or managed inappropriately. Devon wide landscape character assessments references to historic character in Landscape Character Type and Devon Character Area profiles, plus Devon’s Historic Environment Record
Designed landscapes Designed landscapes and their woodlands and trees are a valued art form and an important part of the cultural heritage of the British Isles. Key relevant layers on the Devon Environment Viewer are Registered Historic Parks and Gardens, and Listed Buildings. These link to citations on the Historic England website which include information on designs and key views to/from the designed landscape which should be considered.

*Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment 3rd ed. 2013 Landscape Institute and Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment