Nature Recovery


Nature Recovery Networks

As a key part of its commitment to address the decline in nature and achieve net zero, the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan included a commitment to develop a Nature Recovery Network (NRN) across the country.  The national NRN Partnership was launched by Natural England on 5th November.  Natural England defines the NRN as:

‘A national network of wildlife-rich places’

‘The Network will be an expanded, improved and better-connected set of nature-rich places that also support our net zero ambition and deliver wide benefits for people. It is a recognition that in order to recover nature, we need to improve our existing network of protected sites and other wildlife-rich habitats, providing a greater area of better connected, higher-quality habitat and that we need to do this is a planned way to ensure that investment can be targeted strategically.’

Local Nature Recovery Strategies

The forthcoming Environment Act will require the production of Local Nature Recovery Strategies and it seems likely that these will be required at the county level.  These will set out the priorities and actions required to achieve the NRN at a local level.  Defra has provided funding to pilot five LNRS including one in Cornwall.


  • To ensure that there is a clear strategy in place for Devon’s wildlife which involves all relevant partners and is underpinned by a sound evidence base.


  • Board:  Harry Barton, DWT
  • Working Group:  Sarah Jennings, DCC  / Ed Parr Ferris, DWT

Current work

Devon Nature Recovery Network Map

  • LNRS will require a map to show existing habitats and priorities.  Work has therefore begun to produce a Devon Nature Recovery Network Map.
  • LNRS will be discussed by LNP partners when further guidance is available  and it is clear which organisation is responsibility for its production.

Devon Priority and Special Species

Devon Invasive Species Initiative

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Existing evidence and strategy

The Nature of Devon – The Devon Biodiversity Action Plan

State of Devon’s Nature report

Devon Priority and Special Species

County Wildlife Sites Programme

Devon Rebuilding Nature Map.  Shows Devon Strategic Nature Areas with links to the profiles for each SNA.