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Seven out of 10 people admit they’re losing touch with nature. And more than a third of parents admit they could not teach their own children about British wildlife. Yet nature gives us the opportunity to improve our health and wellbeing, from accelerating patient recovery and improving social and community cohesion to improving mood and reducing income related health inequality if accessible. To support this work we have provided key links below but please get in touch if you’d like us to add to this list.

The Local Nature Partnership has a Naturally healthy forum and steering group which anyone is welcome to join. To find out more visit the naturally healthy pages.

Taking action for nature in a healthcare setting

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Bring nature to the clinic – Nature based environments can enhance pain control, reduce patient recovery times and reduce staff stress. Our guidance pages will help talk you through how to create spaces for nature within the healthcare setting.

Social Prescribing – The NHS has lots of information on the value of social prescribing and resources for those responsible for care. Become a social prescribing champion and incorporate nature in your promotion.

Taking action for nature through health in the community

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Improving the environment for nature and people can reduce the costs through prevention of ill-health. The NHS forest has more information.