Sustainable Seas

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Devon’s seas host some of the richest marine communities in the UK, with wildlife ranging from sea horses, to basking sharks. Our reef habitats, estuaries and seagrass beds are of international importance for wildlife, and our coastal and marine environments also provide fantastic recreational opportunities and are integral to Devon’s economy.

Devon LNP’s vision is to ensure Devon’s world-class coast and marine environment is used wisely and provides a sustainable living for local fishing communities, a home for an impressive variety of wildlife and an attraction to millions of visitors and residents.


Past work

  • This priority was led by the coordinator for the Devon Maritime Forum who (summer 2021) identified priorities in the Action Plan to take forwards with partners.
  • In 2015 the Sustainable Seas Working Group produced a Devon Sustainable Seas Action Plan
  • A multi-stakeholder Marine Strategy Workshop was held n September 2014 to agree objectives for the Sustainable Seas work and to identify priorities for early delivery
  • Proposals for marine research submitted for possible MRes projects at Plymouth University.

Exmouth marina panorama

Partner projects

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