Farming with Nature

Brown cows grazing in a field

Agriculture is intrinsic to Devon and central to rural communities.  Agriculture and food production accounts for 13% of the county’s economy, compared to 7.6% nationally. The sector is directly reliant on soils, water, pollinators, predator control and other services provided by healthy natural environmental systems.

Over the centuries farming has influenced our landscapes and led to the creation of wildlife rich habitats such as hedges, ponds, meadows and heaths. However, over the last 50 years agricultural intensification led by the drive for food production, along with other land uses, has led to huge losses of wildlife habitats and species.

Our agricultural sector faces huge challenges.  The complex and ever changing landscape of regulations, markets, funding and policy needs to interact in a way that makes economic and environmental sense and is understandable and deliverable.  Decisions need to be underpinned by the best available research and evidence.

There is a huge amount of work going on across the county to ensure that farming provides the food and other produces that we need whilst also protecting and enhancing the environment on which we all depend.


  • Devon’s prosperous farming economy meets out production needs, protects and enhances the environment on which it depends and provides public benefits such as wildlife, access and flood control.

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