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Dark Skies

The dark skies initiative is all about connecting people to the natural world after dark and extend our relationship with wildlife around the clock. By helping people to embrace and learn about the nocturnal environment we are hoping that we will begin to learn about the importance in preserving the dark. By tackling light pollution there will be a whole range of benefits for wildlife but also for our own wellbeing, health, tourism and businesses. You can learn more about the importance of the night using our resources and information. In order to share the importance of Devon’s dark skies with people the LNP organised a Dark Skies Day in 2019 and a Dark Skies week in 2020 which you can read about below.

Devon Dark Skies Week 2020 #DevonDarkSkies

Devon Dark Skies week saw over 400 people attending events both in person and online with activities designed to help us all embrace the night sky and raise awareness for light pollution. The #DevonDarkSkies social media campaign reached over 45K people and almost half the attendees of the week’s events were people who previously weren’t aware of the LNP. But don’t worry if you missed out, all our resources, activities and webinars are available below so you can keep on learning. Thank you as well to everyone who supported the week.