The importance of the night sky and getting lighting right – Devon Dark Skies Week webinar

light pollutionIn this webinar, organised as part of Devon Dark Skies Week, we were joined by Bob Mizon MBE from the UK Commission for Dark Skies and Ivan Buxton from Devon CPRE.

Bob’s talk focussed on the night sky and the benefits of getting lighting right. He highlighted the negative effects that overuse and ineffective lighting can have on our nocturnal wildlife, and discussed the common misconception that night lighting increases safety and security.

Ivan’s talk focussed on the effects of night lighting and how what we can do as individuals and communities to reduce the negative effects our lighting might have, both on us, and wildlife. We saw how many outdoor lights that are widely available are detrimental to wildlife, and do not serve their intended purposes well either. There was plenty of time for questions at the end.

You can watch the recording below or on YouTube.