Welcome to Wild About Devon!

Wild About Devon is a new initiative to help communities and Parish and Town Councils take action for wildlife and help tackle the Ecological and Climate Emergencies. We’ve created a 3-minute animation to help summarise the initiative which you can watch on YouTube.

There are lots of inspiring examples of communities taking action for wildlife across Devon (Teignbridge Wildlife Wardens, Life on the Yealm and Moor Meadows to name a few) but no central place to connect them together to share learning, network and inspire others.

Information and expertise currently sits within lots of different organisations, groups and initiatives (Woodland Trust, DWT, Devon Living Churchyards, Devon Birds etc) and it is often hard for us to know where to start when looking for guidance and support. Wild About Devon has been set up by LNP partners to fill this gap and hep us all to create a Nature Recovery Network across Devon.

Important: This initiative is overseen by the Devon DCC Ecology team who co-ordinate the Devon LNP. They do not have the capacity to provide direct advice to community groups and so please don’t expect this. However, the Community Toolkit (see below) provides links and contacts for organisations, groups and consultants who can provide advice (either free or for a charge).

This initiative is all about connecting people and so will only work with your input. Please let us know if you can help or how we can improve things. Contact us at nature@devon.gov.uk

Community Toolkit

Explore our Community Toolkit to find lots of links to information and guidance produced by partner organisations.  The toolkit includes information on where to get existing wildlife data, surveys, legislation, habitat management, practicalities such as insurance and funding and lots of contacts.  These pages are evolving, so please do let us know what’s missing or unclear.

Discussion Forum

Got a burning question  that other community groups might be able to answer? Want to share your expertise and help others or just connect with like-minded souls? Why not join our Wild About Devon Facebook discussion group!  We will start using this to share information on training events, webinars and other handy updates on wildlife issues and projects across Devon.

Community Action for Wildlife Devon | Facebook

We are aware that not everyone likes Facebook and are currently exploring other forum platforms including Groups.io, but need to be fully aware of all data security considerations before progressing. We will keep you posted.

Parish and Town Council Wildlife Network

Parish and Town Councils have a statutory duty to take action for wildlife.  If you are a Council wanting to improve your area for wildlife please join our Devon Parish & Town Council Wildlife Network.

Devon Wildlife Community of the Year Awards 2021/22

Want to celebrate a fantastic project that you and your community have kick-started to make a difference for wildlife in your area? Think it’s a winner? Enter the Devon Wildlife Community of the Year Awards 201/22 for a chance to win some exciting prizes!

Community Action Wildlife Webinars

We are setting up a series of webinars for community groups and Parish and Town Councils and will promote any other relevant webinars that partners are running.  See our community webinars page for details.

Community Action Map

Help us all to connect up and find out what others are doing by adding your group or project to this new interactive map.  Click on ‘more information’ to add your project and then hover over the green ‘Add to Map’ tab on the far right of tabs and then click on ‘create your profile now’.  Let us know if there are any problems.

After moving or zooming on the map, click ‘Update’ to refresh the map in your focus area.

The traffic light system shows how recently the information was updated for each group. Green means the information for each group has been reviewed within the last few weeks, amber if it has been reviewed in the last few months and red if it hasn’t been reviewed in over a year.