Sustainability at work

All Devon businesses ultimately depend on local and global healthy natural capital assets and systems – whether directly (farming, forestry, fishing, tourism) or indirectly through supply chains and resilient transport links.

These pages are being developed to help direct businesses to advice and resources, particularly in the Devon context. Please do let us know if you have information or links that we need to add.  Email:

Sustainability in the office

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Green web hosting – If your business runs a website, switching to a green web host will mean the data centres that power your website will run off renewable energy. Often the hosting organisations are also offsetting their carbon emissions or working towards this.

Cut down on your waste – Recycle Devon has lots of tips to reduce your business waste. There are also free recycling schemes for ‘harder’ to recycle items such as writing instruments. Replacing single use items can cut down your waste while in North Devon if you begin to cut plastic out of your business you can become a plastic free champion.

Electric vehicle charging pointSwitch to a green energy supplier – By switching to a green supplier you are ensuring the energy you use from the national grid is replaced by energy generated by renewables.

Hire or rent equipment – If you use certain equipment infrequently consider hiring rather than buying or rent your equipment to other local business that may benefit.

Make procurement green – Use your purchasing power to choose environmental goods, services and work. Add a requirement for nature and sustainability in your procurement framework. Where possible work with local suppliers to cut down on transport and support other local business.

Supporting a nature friendly workforce

Encourage sustainable travel – Consider providing a cycle to work scheme for your employees. Promote public transport to and from the office or consider the hire or purchase of electric vehicles.

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Consider supporting remote work – Working from home has the potential to reduce someone’s work carbon footprint from 5.8 to 4.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, particularly if your work force are commuting over long distances. Supporting flexible work may also allow employees to take on more environmentally friendly practices.

Green team building – For your next team building or away day, consider helping out Devon’s wildlife by volunteering with one of the conservation NGOs across Devon.

Engage your workforce – Create champions in wildlife, sustainability, recycling and energy use who can take ownership for improving business practice in these areas.

Making your business accountable

Get to Net zero – Endorse the Devon Climate Emergency and do your bit to create a resilient and net-zero Devon where people and nature thrive.

Create a green/nature friendly mission statement – a mission statement can create a culture of green values within an organisation and engage employees. Determining actions that will help you achieve this will also help guide your principles and help you achieve your mission.

A graphic by Devon climate emergency showing cartoon people cycling through an eco town
Image by the Devon Climate Emergency