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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: East Devon Central Ridge in 30 years time

Image description

This sketch is how a typical scene in the East Devon Central Ridge Devon Character Area could look in 30 years’ time, with increased tree cover.

Landscape Character Type: Open inland planned plateaux:

1. Scrub regeneration on least productive agricultural land provides new habitat

2. Hedgebanks restored and new hedgerow trees planted and allowed to grow out to enhance landscape pattern

3. Archaeological site kept clear of trees and viewpoint remains open

4. Large-scale planting of productive woodland, within existing landscape framework and linking with existing woodland

Landscape Character Type: Wooded scarp slopes:

5. Existing rough grassland used by bats for foraging and wet flush habitats retained

6. Small farm orchard replanted

7. Former improved grassland field reverting to dynamic scrub and woodland habitat

8. Organic shape of existing woodlands reflected in new woodland planting

Landscape Character Type: Upper farmed and wooded valley slopes

9. Historic field patterns reinstated, strengthening landscape pattern and wildlife corridors, whilst reducing flooding and soil loss

10. New community orchard

11. Woodlands linked with new woodland, copse and hedge planting

12. Infield and hedgerow trees planted and allowed to grow out

Landscape Character Type: Sparsely settled farmed valley floors

13. New riverside path allows access to the countryside

14. New riparian trees stabilise the river bank

15. Wet woodland regeneration of valley floor creates new habitat and slows flooding

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