Manage, restore, create

Managing, restoring and creating habitats is a hugely important and rewarding process which can become a fantastic project for the whole community to get involved in – from leaving long grass in the park to planting a new hedgerow or creating a wildlife rich pond.

Before you start any work…

Before you start it is important to consider a few key things.

Background research and surveys

Hopefully you will have done the necessary background research and surveys and you’re confident that you understand which species and habitats are present and need protecting. If you haven’t done this, please do.  For example, you don’t want to create new areas of woodland on important grassland habitats or remove scrub from a grassland without first checking whether it is used by dormice (legally protected), nesting birds or hedgehogs… These are mistakes that can be avoided if a little time is taken to understand what you have.

If you would like help, training or to pay someone to do a specialist survey, please see our contact list

Health & Safety

Taking steps to ensure that any volunteers are safe is obviously critically important, especially when there is a high risk of injury such as when working alongside roads or using machinery and tools. This means you must ensure that health & safety requirements are met, that you and your volunteers are insured and that you carry out risk assessments before doing any work. Have a look at our wildlife projects page to find out more.


It’s important to remember that habitat management is long-term process and the wildlife value of your area might not improve immediately. However, over time, new species will appear. Fortunately, there are also lots of simple actions which can quickly improve an area for wildlife e.g. cutting an area of grassland less frequently, building log piles or putting up a bat box.


Use the links below to find out more about our habitats, actions you can take and how LNP partners can help.

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