Priorities and initiatives

We have eleven cross-cutting priority themes and a number of related initiatives.

Nature Recovery A bluetit on a branch

Creating a strategy for Devon’s wildlife

Aerial view of Exmouth Climate and resilience

Taking action on climate in Devon with solutions that combat the ecological emergency.

Natural Capital Investmentbody of water near body of water

Protecting, restoring and using our natural capital assets to ensure social and economic wellbeing.

Farming with Naturehorses on green grass field near body of water during daytime

Creating a prosperous and productive farming economy which also enhances the environment

Two swifts sticking their head out of a nest box

Building with Nature

Integrating high-quality green infrastructure into developments across Devon

Trees for Devon

Encouraging sustainable management and creation of woodlands and hedges that are rich in wildlife and reconnected to the local communities and economy

photography of river between green trees during daytime

Resilient Rivers and Coast

Supporting Devon’s wetlands and watercourses to be flood, drought and climate resilient with healthy fish and wildlife populations while providing excellent recreational opportunities and a clean water supply.

Sustainable Seas

Aiming for a world-class coast and marine environment that is wisely used to provide a sustainable living for local fishing communities, a home for an impressive variety of wildlife, and an attraction to millions of visitors and residents.

Naturally Healthy a group of people with pushchairs walking

Giving everyone in Devon the opportunity, and the confidence, to be ‘naturally active’, in order to improve their health and wellbeing.

Communities and Culture

Connecting people across Devon to enhance our natural environments.

Outdoor Learning Kids pulling on a tug of war rope

Getting people of all ages to regularly interact with Devon’s natural environment as an integral part of lifelong learning

  • NEED – Network of Environmental Educators in Devon